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Naming workshop for naming | Kick off


Photos© NAMEROCK BRANDS_ "Name development" workshop, participants in finding a name.


Photos© NAMEROCK BRANDS_ Workshop "Name Development", workshop leader Nïke Schaller


Photos© NAMEROCK BRANDS_ Workshop "Name development", cooperation with founders abroad


Photos© NAMEROCK BRANDS_ Workshop "Name development" among founders.

On site, we jointly explore naming fields and naming preferences, vision, mission, goals, obstacles, economic aspects, target groups and ideas in order to find a company name or product name or to define the scope.

This workshop is always useful as soon as several people are involved in the naming decision in order to find a common line. All aspects are condensed in the name: when choosing a name, it becomes apparent if the team has different ideas. It saves time to clarify in advance what the name should express, in what way and in what tonality. This workshop can also take place with founders or managers as a meeting or consultation day.

Naming is complex: a consultation often supports the process.  This discussion takes place for half a day to a full day, since all areas of a company are usually interlinked when it comes to naming, nomenclatures are discussed or basic issues for the individual situation can be clarified in the consultation.  


• Advice on internal name suggestions, analysis, moderation

• Advice on trademark registration  

• Advice on the naming process

• Advice on naming architecture, naming structuring  

• Advice on naming and branding strategy

Name development workshop

For decision-making or start-up teams: workshop for advice, as a kick-off or for finding a name, clarifies, structures, finds.


• Guided name development: The team is guided through the process using key questions and creation methods. At the end there is a name or a more precise idea of where the journey is going.

• Since most of the first names are already trademarked, the team should be familiar with this side of naming and have stamina. Fast internet is a requirement.

• Naming is often a management decision: a workshop among decision-makers shortens the naming process considerably.

Selection and prioritization workshop

Presenting Namerock's favourites. Facilitation and workshop on name selection with the team, decision-makers or committee: prioritization of favourites, pleas for the advantages of favourites, fine tuning, presentation of the effect of favorites on target groups and target countries, brand name selection and decision on finalists. Coordination of the last steps and advice for the trademark application.

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