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 Name development for B2C, B2B. Naming for companies and founders.
Analysis. research . naming. trademark application. Logo. branding


• Name development for companies,  Services,  Products,  series,  umbrella brand,  Holding.

• Naming naming system, site name, property

• Title, series title, project title, category title

• Process representation (naming/wording)

  Audience naming, character names


• Series, products, categories and services

• Name worlds, name fields

• Brand architecture, naming architecture, naming systems


• Market and trademark research

• Trademark register, collision check

• Google searches (SocialMedia included)

• Domain research

• Preliminary review of name presentations

• Identity and similarity search in the international trademark register


• Workshop naming kick off

• Workshop naming direction vote

• Workshop naming name development

• Workshop naming final, name selection, fine tuning,

  Declaring favorites


• Market and brand analysis

• Reasoned recommendations for name fields

• Favorites analysis

• Name analysis and name recommendations

SLOGAN development

• Claim determination

• Theme creation

• Event naming

• Change motto workshop and finding a motto


Advice on naming types

• Advice on the naming process

• Advice on brand development

• Advice on trademark conflicts

Advice on the chances and risks of registering a trademark

• Advice on trademark registration

• Consulting workshop on brand and name architecture

• Advice as a workshop on nomenclature and finding a name


• Typography, logo, icon

• Brand design, corporate identity, style guide

• Branding/campaign/headlines

The holistic naming process

Vision, Rocket Universe

Naming thinks with you and ahead

The name development  works with the corporate strategy and aims at the vision and mission, the target groups and corporate goals.  

The naming also takes into account the market environment and aspects that have influenced the company's strategy. The tonality of the name matches the vision and lifestyle of the target group. A name is final: unlike in agile, you can't take it back after six weeks. Nevertheless, agile working is necessary in order to thoroughly explore the possibilities together. Because it is usually the overview of the possibilities that makes the decision possible.  

The crown of the brand:  

The name stands for the image of the new idea, the positioning of the idea and the possibilities of the idea:  everything to the point – the  culmination of the idea.

The naming succeed often with root words that describe the core of the mission.  

Naming International NameRock Berlin

Holistic development methods

Under my product name NAMEROCK BRANDS I develop brand names and support the naming process. This includes checking the names and their elements for their legal usability as a trademark and for meanings in different languages, such as e.g. B. for the western and eastern European, Asian or Arabic language area. Creative name development and research go hand in hand and alternate more and more until enough attractive and brand-strong names have emerged.

you get with it  a selection of tailor-made  pre-checked  Names that turn out to be  brand names  let use.


More about the Namerock network


Nïke Schaller

Nïke Schaller:  

"All relevant factors of the company come together in the naming.

"How big does the company want to be?"

"Where is the strategy headed?"

"Who is the target customer?"

"What is our vision?"  

The name is developed on this positioning.

Otherwise, a name would emerge that does not represent the intended vision and mission."


"The goal is to hit the mark."

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