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Case study professional name development

Case study naming: New international product series from Dornbracht


"Best of the Best", "Best of Design", "Best of Interior" - Dornbracht's legal department also awarded a "Best of": they have never experienced such a quick and professional name development as with "CYO".

Nike Schaller can only return the compliment and share it with the successful team, the interdisciplinary team with one person each  Board of Directors, Marketing, Naming and Legal Department.  

For an outstanding design – an outstanding name:  

To achieve this, they worked together intensively and constructively: ..questions were asked, hypotheses pursued, scrutinized, prioritized ... There were challenges for each of the individual team members:

Familiarizing yourself with the new name suggestions, making decisions, weighing collisions, persuasion, examining various international pronunciations and misinterpretations, ..considering adjacent industry sectors.


The brand name market is dense: with an additional name, the distinguishing features between the brands usually become even smaller. Companies usually only become aware of this dilemma when developing a brand name.

With the confidence to make the new brand name possible together, everyone on their side found the energy to remove the obstacles and work for the perfect name... for Dornbracht's new star.

A big WOW when the cooperation works so well.


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Design. Surname. creation. 
The name is preceded by the form or the business idea: accordingly, the values and ideals, as well as the potential of the design or the idea, should be in tune with the name. Whether it's a start-up or a new strategy for a company - it's most successful when they match: name and shape. The CYO succeeded.


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Dornbracht's CYO design has received multiple awards as "Design of the Year". With the name "CYO" developed by Nike Schaller, this occurs  confident and revolutionary design  with its naming sovereign and international. CYO, the name as twin of design.

The CYO name: an international pioneer.  

"CYO": Like its C-shape.

"CYO": Like the cycle of water.

"CYO": Design of NOW.

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