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  • Directly with companies, founders, investors
    Commissioned as external naming service by advertising or brand agencies
    Commissioned directly by the client for naming alone (upstream of the advertising agency's service)

    Namerock and lead agencies: Naming services are expert areas: the selected name can be designed into a logo by the lead agency or advertising agency after the name has been found and integrated into the branding. 

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Reliable, honest, conscientious. These are the values in cooperation that are required by both sides in order to achieve the company's goal together as a team:

• Develop a brand name that represents the future of the company.

• Finding product names that inspire employees and customers.



A strong name contains everything that expresses the image, strategy and vision of a brand in a distinctive and aesthetic way.


• As soon as it is clear what exactly is desired for whom, a name can represent this in its stylization and shape.

• Once the name for the sharpening has been found, other target groups usually like it and generally stand for the idea. 

"The Momentum: when previously unnamed things take shape and receive their name,
to then go into performance

Nike Schaller


The Namerock Spirit

 Creativity, passion, experience and agility are the catalysts for finding an international brand name in a demanding market environment within a reasonable time frame.

The Name Rocks


What is needed to advise a company on finding a name: ... "orientation" in the brand world, "imagination" for new possibilities and the "concentration" to name everything essential with one word. This also includes which contents and goals make sense for the name, which do not, - and how these contents can be (innovatively) presented.

Nike | Berlin |

Naming expert and developer for the naming process, strategy, conception | for brand name, slogan, wording, motto. She recharges her batteries in the middle of the loudspeakers in the third row in front of the stage.

Namemaker & Founder of Namerock 

2022: 10 years expert in professional brand name development. 

2017: Namerock foundation: name development for strong brand names.

2012: Specialization as a naming professional: Full-time brand name development: Nike Schaller Naming.

2001-2014 International image campaigns such as UNESCO, Gerling Rück, Bundestag, election campaigns, federal states, etc

Springer&Jacoby hamburg | Publicis Frankfurt: naming, campaigns, headlines, copy texts, logos, strategy. 

ADC Awards. pitch wins. Communication Diploma.


- Collaboration with native language experts, top-notch typographers and designers, selected lawyers who know and advocate for the special distinctive features for brand names.

- The idea of the name is expressed in the logo with the same intention, so that the name and design congruently reinforce each other.

- Since 2005: Cooperation with native speakers for international claims, slogans and brand names.

Andre | New York-Bangkok |

Working for Namerock since 2005: for slang sophistication and wordings from NYC and for earth-shattering design: Logos, branding, packaging for well-known clients and design studios from NYC, London, including beverages, perfumery, food.


There aren't many trademarks and patent attorneys who know the special distinguishing features of trademark names...

... and stand up for it!

Alex | International drop test |

Working for Namerock since 2017: The luminary in the brand name universe.

The whole team works to come up with an attractive name. In order to set up the brand name internationally,  you need selective lightsabers. Also has experience – not everyone has it.


Pamela | Native speakers from North and South America |

Since 2020 in the Namerock network with 200% energy. Language check and naming.

It is becoming increasingly challenging to find an international brand name 

• In the case of an international brand name, the selected 5-12 letters are preceded by several hundred combinations from versatile association fields and with different linguistic characteristics.

• In a name development for international markets with a broad goods-brand application, the research part takes 50-70% of the time. 

• Creation and research go hand in hand. In this way, brand names that can be registered are created more quickly: brand-proof for international scaling. 


Dan | Boston-Berlin |

There is no book that he has not read - our genius for the brand story, the blue ocean of wordings and the guarantor for exciting, emotional and apt words off the beaten track.

The Namerock team has the experience and tools to find and protect new and strong names.

The entire environment is scanned for a name so that the name is consciously developed for its positioning. Many disciplines come together:

Innovation, economy, change, psychology, languages, cultures, linguistics, trends, emphasis, concentration.

Endurance and energy are prerequisites:

Because most of the attractive names that finders think have been discovered for the first time already exist. For example, the English-Swedish language mix for design brand names is trending in Asia. 

Recommendation for the most efficient collaboration

Naming is a Challenge

• because the brand market is growing exponentially.

• because the attractive markets of the USA and China are years ahead in terms of innovation, and therefore very attractive brand names for digital products already exist.


• because English industry names for the international market have already been developed by many countries.

• because more company names can be found digitally than before, which increases research times.

• because collisions can be found more quickly, and many names are therefore ruled out.

• because domain names have already been reserved by industry experts.


because the responsibility for a name is as great as the success

that the company wants to achieve with the product.


The naming project works best when those who make the decision on the choice of name get in direct contact with me to discuss the assignment and the naming results, so that what is to be achieved strategically and creatively is also received directly. So that the name is created that opens all doors for the project and the company.

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