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Naming Research for naming

Efficient naming only with research: Research is also carried out during the development of ideas:

The searches serve to find names and name fields that are not yet in use.

Trade fair hosting

Market analysis: names of competitors

No name finding without a market overview: So that no names are developed that already exist in the industry.  This information is often available internally.

• Competitor product research: websites, catalogues, google image

• Research the  Company names in the list of exhibitors at industry trade fairs, industry platforms, magazines



Google research

• Check the name ideas:

Identical names and similar names are found quickly

  - but only a fraction of all those that are registered as similar or identical marks in trademark registers  are listed.

• Social media: Viewing of identical and similar name hits on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the help of Google: hits are displayed in the Google search.

• Check the online companies of the same name, which are only on Facebook.

Facebook shops are a common form of sale, e.g. B. in UK, India, Africa, Brazil.


Domain research 

• It is possible to find names for a free com domain.  
   - but not lexicalized names (natural words from other     connections, which, however, are usually assigned as a com domain).
  - but not names that are also attractive for domain brokers: Well-known words (English/German/Latin) + various prefixes, suffixes and trendy syllables.

– The desire for a free com domain filters out many name ideas, which is why finding a name usually goes through a longer process.

  Research of EU country domains etc. if required

• Suggestions for domain name extensions or domain extensions to use attractive brand names as a domain.


trademark searches

  Research of identical/slightly similar names in the trademark register.

• Only countries that are target countries for registration should be researched first. T he trademark research for the name suggestions is very time-consuming.

• The more countries and the more areas (nice classes) are requested,  all the more time required for research - even with 1000 mBit/s high-speed WLAN.


language research

  Research of identical/slightly similar words/syllables in online dictionaries  to exclude unwanted meanings for customers.

• Romance languages, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Scandinavian for naming.
• Optional: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Hungarian, Russian, Greek.
• If required: native speaker check for selected languages. This option only makes sense for the final selection of the name. 


deep research

• More time-consuming similarity research of the name favorite within the trademark register.  

• Research in the commercial registers of the target countries:

Companies own the rights to a name, even if they are not registered as a trademark.

• The in-depth research only takes place after a name has been selected and can vary in complexity depending on the name and target country. I offer this search as an optional in-depth preliminary search before registering a trademark.

This  Research will be at  Requirement  by a law firm specializing in brand names, e.g. B from the Namerock network performed prior to trademark registration.

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