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Naming references


About naming, the process and working with Nike Schaller  by Jochen M. Wilms, CEO W Ventures 

The names "CYO", "LUQOM", "ARCCHIO"

"In Germany alone, more than 90,000 new trademarks were registered last year. It is often underestimated how much effort it takes to find a name that is secure under trademark law. A name that has the potential to establish a market-leading position worldwide for generations to come.

Company and product branding are among the most important strategic marketing topics of our time, which must be assessed perfectly.

Unfortunately, I experience again and again that operational teams underestimate the effort and the necessary expertise associated with these topics.  

The quality and sustainability of the service can be assessed on the basis of the methodology and intensity with which the naming service provider Namerock, headed by Nike Schaller, searches for new names and their willingness to find the name of the name directly. Namerock supported me in very different companies and very demanding projects with finding a name,  

with research, arguments and facts to come to a mature decision in various projects.


Through close cooperation, we received branding and naming results that are now the basis of the market-leading international strategies in some of my portfolio companies.

With the name CYO, for example, Nike Schaller created a product brand for the company Dornbracht,  

which has already made its mark in the luxury segment worldwide."


JM Wilms

  Investor & Chairman in leading international companies

W  venture



New company name: KKB, New Energies


Architectural design


Exclusive product design


lamp world. Young living.


strategies. Solutions. Security. services.

Name and Claim for AM-Cyber Security Company


Naming: Holding Lamp World


Dornbracht fittings: design sculpture 21


For a naming agency specializing in car names

and other...


Lampenwelt,  Lamps & Luminaires

Naming concepts, holding naming, own brands and product names, 2017 -2022

Lufthansa City Center

Luxury Brand: Strategy and Naming Consulting

Berlin Volksbank

Nomenclature, naming architecture for service areas

DOLLE stairs for indoor and outdoor use

International naming architecture, nomenclature and product names

Ispin Cyber Security, Zurich

co-creation  Naming process, claim, branding

Cornelsen Verlag

Naming for nursing book series


Own brand name

Founders Lane,  Corporate Venture Builder & Company Builder

Naming development for Renaming, Factor10

Solvestio GmbH

Advice on startup company names, name development for patent 2021

Naming Workshop 2021

Renaming for real estate developers, investors and asset managers

naming workshop  

Name development for Gothaer insurance, health start-up and app naming

HEAVN GmbH, Human Centric Lighting

Advice on the naming strategy, conception of the naming system, nomenclature, product names


Name presentations including uncomplicated exemplary logo designs

Product names for Arla, funny-fresh,

Name development for Telekom concert platform

Deutsche Bank: Naming for global platform

Deutsche Bank: Naming for a consumer app

Deutsche Bank: Renaming for own brand

NDA: TAYRON, VW for T-Series China

CHRISTIAN:  Naming luxury brand

Bodmer: Online shop for electronic items

Baumann+Eggimann: kitchen brand

PAX Insurance: Product name

South-West Photo Festival: Renaming

Leica: Finding a name for the optical location

Zürcher Kantonalbank: Naming for services

Swisskauf: Naming for online shop

  Automotive: Naming for processes, architecture, spaces

  Food: Naming for fusion names

Sustainable energy: solar and windmill construction

Real Estate Park Berlin

Workshop & name developments for car names

electric car names

Disaster: global med. support  

Inclusion: renaming of an association

Next namings: under NDA



Name developments for cosmetics, health apps, platform consulting, real estate, security,  Mechanical engineering, acoustics, fashion, food, environmental initiatives, energy, climate protection  • Projects on topics:  H2, CO2 asphalt storage, blockchain, KI, IOT, apps, media, further education, chemistry, pharma, change,  Consulting, automotive, digitization (politics, China, USA, Israel, Scandinavia), space, engineering, medicine, design and architecture

On request: Further information on projects released for distribution


Advice, nomenclature, product names

Nike Schaller shines with competence

and understands it well

to empathize with a brand .

David, große Austing


Founder & MD of HEAVN GmbH

HEAVN Pure.jpg

Photo: © HEAVN GmbH, Munich

Feedback Namerock.png

Product patent naming and logo

When I was looking for professional help for a successful product name, I came across the work of Ms. Nike Schaller. And I was not disappointed.

It was a very good and professional cooperation. She explained her approach and designs to me in detail so that I could understand everything.

Ms. Schaller and her Namerock colleague were also able to help me with the logo development. So in the end I had not only a very nice product name but also the right logo for it.

I can recommend Ms. Schaller with a clear conscience and will also include her in my future projects.


Lennart Suckau

Managing Director - Solvestio AG, Berlin


W VEntures.jpg

"In any branding process, 'naming' should take the lead."

The name development requires a holistic approach. Most of the time, the name development is insufficiently planned and invested by less qualified employees and service providers.

For this reason, I gave Nike Schaller responsibility for corporate and product brand development with NAMEROCK in a variety of tasks, e.g. B. also at the company Lampenwelt.

The holistic support from the first briefing to

entry in the trademark register by Nike Schaller was an essential guarantee of success.

Jochen M. Wilms

Executive Partner

W Ventures GmbH


"Thank you very much for the absolutely appreciative and transparent advice. I have always felt very well understood and taken care of.”

Jannis Augustine
Project manager for future projects, Draco medical products

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