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Agile and effcient to the new brand name! 

Tips for the new star in the brand sky 


One wishes that finding a name would be easy and enjoyable in a convivial atmosphere with mulled wine by the fireplace!

Rightly so and the ideas will also bubble up. But checking the collection of names shows that the first ideas have all already been taken in the same or a similar way: During the Corona period, more brand names were registered worldwide than ever before: Every product and every service is available for every area with new digital features or as Service, as software or platform. UK, USA, China, Japan: many international market participants have already secured their trademark rights for Europe. The associated domain names are also available in all the typical combinations almost exclusively via the sale: the world of naming is complex: finding a name that shines as the new polar star – for customers, companies and the market – is a separate discipline.

The prerequisite for an effective naming process

Direct contact with the decision-makers, otherwise important information will be lost. 

With digital products and digital distribution channels, trademark applications have increased exponentially - at a rate that surprises everyone as soon as they engage with it. That's why everything really important about the USP, the strategy and the long-term business goals is crucial. The best thing is a 1:1 cooperation with the responsible management for the best possible positioning and for the evaluation of the nuances in name suggestions: The more precise the briefing and background are and the more decisively a target direction is identified, the more creative the target point can be from the most diverse ones sides can be met by a name in many different ways. Straight to the point. The name does not necessarily have to name the subject area - the more precise the positioning and target group, the more freely the name can also point this out to the target group.

Committing to a few syllables for a business idea is not always easy. Internal strategies are best presented after a mutual non-disclosure agreement. Because if it is clarified in advance what is business-critical and from whom you want to differentiate yourself, the name development can work with it and does not have to research this information itself.


The name is a key and opens the desired world

Names get to the heart of what is desired, which means that the most important wish must actually be mentioned during a brainstorming session or in a briefing. Otherwise the key to another world will be a door opener. Generally 10-15 names are presented in a presentation. In most cases, their origin, derivation and their domains or domain prices are also given for the names, including names that are in the same name neighborhood or are suitable as a similar alternative. A story can often be derived from a name, which often helps when making a decision. 


Decision support

Anyone who has seen alternatives can rate, prioritize and decide. 

Naturally, this already happens during the development of the name. Again and again the perfect name seems to have been found, but is then used, even if only with a similar sound or with a different spelling, which would still violate trademark rights. For a strong name, many name fields are opened, several languages are used, several versions are checked for domains. From a long list of 400 names developed, often only two make it into the presentation as favourites. A strategic approach, a multitude of creative ideas and a large case of methods create an overview of the best options.


Typical hurdles and jumping aids

A name can only sound the most important thing with one, two or three words. 

Because the decision on the name is final, he first has to jump over hurdles. Is he too narrow? Will anything else be developed under this brand in ten years? Or is it too general and will no longer offer a unique position in two years? The more business areas have to be included in the name, the more general it becomes. At these meta-levels there is even more competition for names. The more customer groups, nations, product and service areas a brand name is intended to appeal to, the more players there are. Countless platforms all want to be set up as widely as possible. Concern about sustainable responsibility drives us to search for other names. Perhaps the possible dream brand name lies behind the next curve without any collisions with other names? There are no catchy, descriptive, attractive new names without other names standing next to them by a greater or lesser distance. It always depends on the distinguishing features. Specialized brand name lawyers, who often defend brand names in court, know the opportunities and risks involved in the subtle differences. The situation is completely different with the most innovative pioneers of the latest technologies: they have all the freedom to choose a name, but are spoiled for choice. In general, some time is planned for the naming decision. The favorites usually mature on the whiteboard. Because every name has a different effect. A claim that always goes with the brand name can reinforce the effect or refer to the product. 

If there are different ideas, it helps to list wishes and concerns about favorite names and make them visible to everyone. We then jointly prioritize what best supports the company's goals.


Marathons or sprints

Many presentation loops are offered as an all-inclusive package, so those responsible on both sides can be sure that they have seen all versions and possibilities. A name can be found and shine in 1-3 days. It can even arise during a meeting. However, it sometimes takes a few months for the company to get used to putting the name on the road.

If the pressure or the unique opportunity is particularly great, then everything goes faster. A small team is efficient, each with a responsible person from the areas of naming, law, finance and product, who communicate directly with each other: a speedboat with experienced occupants, because naming is aimed at the future and thus usually travels through unknown waters.


This helps against the shallows in the naming process

Many naming projects sink to the bottom of the sea. Name suggestions are passed on again and again without favourites, new names are requested, the energy is wasted, random lists of names are developed and viewed, which means that the week-long name developments take place with a gradual shutdown. What helps?

• Many different focused methods and approaches for an overview of possibilities for name development. 

• Speed so as not to lose focus on the possibilities due to fatigue. 

• Tenacity to keep high potential names in play. 

• Power of persuasion to anchor the name internally with really important aspects

• A team that trusts each other and in which everyone lives up to their responsibility to work together constructively: to reach a decision committedly and together. 

The glow of a new star in the brand sky

A star is formed from loose dust that condenses and fuses and becomes one under great heat and speed. So does the new brand name:

He begins with a large collection of Ttopics and their possibilities and drives the discovery process, selection process and prioritization process forward with a lot of energy until the concentration is so high that the results become more and more clear - and those responsible agree:

That's him! The new brand star.From now on it starts to glow.

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